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Welcome to Ireland’s Only Reptile Zoo!

We are Ireland’s only Reptile Zoo, displaying snakes, lizards, tortoise, turtles, crocodiles, alligators, caiman, spiders, scorpions, frogs, salamanders and more. Reptile Village offers an interactive experience where you can get a little closer and even handle some of our animals!

At Reptile Village, we have Tropical Walk Through Enclosures, Soft Play Area, Snack Bar, Indoor and Outdoor Picnic Area, Souvenir Shop and a Reptile Handling Zone to keep everyone in your family content.




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Guest Blog – Twan Spierings



Hi, my name is Twan and I’m one of the three ‘dutchies’ that’s having a ten week internship at the reptile village zoo.

So, I’ve just had my third week here and I enjoy going to work every day still. The daily ‘routine’ is never the same, that’s one thing the animals will make sure of. Like when you are changing the water in the anaconda’s or the monitors pools their trying to climb over you or just stay where they are so you can’t reach the area you have to clean. Even though the daily ‘veggie’ duty (feeding the herbivores) isn’t the most exciting job, I ensures you the animals get the best care they can get and that there’s been looked after them every day.

1This me cricket feeding a Male Balkan lizard.
We learn a lot and the crew is utterly awesome people! They listen to what we want to learn and take time to learn it to us properly or let us do it trial and error style where it is affordable and can’t cause any harm towards the animals. I already got to do a make-over on the Black & White Tegu’s exhibit check out the before and after pictures! I like to do the ‘Handling sessions’ That’s where you get to tell the people a little bit about the animal and it is the frontline of education in the zoo, Conservation through Education that’s the message and I like it! If you want to know more, come down and Explore the zoo and what’s going there for yourself.We’ll be happy to answer the questions you might have.
In the next weeks we dutchies will keep you updated on this page about the on goings at the National Reptile Zoo of Ireland.



Here I am holding the black & White Tegu male to place him in a temporary enclosure to ‘refurnish’ their exhibit.


The beginning of the re-modelling.


The end result!



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